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The Walnut Creek Planing Standard

A word from the President


It has always been my desire, if the Lord blessed me with a business, that his name would be exalted through it. My desire is that Walnut Creek Planing as a company would show forth God’s way of honesty and integrity. A company that has a caring heart for each other and those who they serve. I have always loved the salutation in Ruth 2:4. As Boaz came to his reapers. “The Lord be with you”, and they answered, “The Lord bless thee.”

As a company our mission is to treat others as we would like to be treated, based on Matthew 7:12 - “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.”

As for the future, we look forward to serving you. Our prayer is that our service can help your business thrive!

Dwight Kratzer

Thoughts from our sales team


Charles Kratzer

One of my goals as a sales rep is to treat customers with integrity and respect, as I would like to be treated! I strive to make sure each customer knows that when they need material they can give us a call and we will do everything we can to get them the highest quality items as quickly as possible. I have been in sales for over 5 years now, and enjoy the satisfaction of taking care of a customers needs as well as establishing a friendship with them. I take pride in having a great team of associates ready serve any need a customer might have.

 Tim Miller

In today's business world, selling is often all about relationships.  In order for those relationships to be long-term, our focus must be on understanding and serving the needs of others, not just our company.  Every human being wants to be respected & treated with dignity; that basic need doesn't change in a business setting.  Our greatest example of how to serve one another comes from the Bible, where Jesus Christ showed through His life here on earth how we need to treat one another.  Following His example will result in bringing honor and glory to God, even when doing the right thing doesn't always make "business" sense.  Our goal at WCP is to make sure that all of our relationships reflect God's standards of honesty and integrity.

About the company



Walnut Creek Planing specializes in products manufactured from hardwood from the Eastern United States and beyond.

Logs are cut at local sawmills just days after being harvested.


This Green Lumber is then brought to our mill and meticulously sorted by grade and repackaged into units and air dried in specially designed sheds for 1 to 6 months depending on species and thickness of material.

The air dried green lumber is then brought to our state-of-the-art dry kilns where it is carefully dried to precise specifications.


After the drying process is complete our lumber is shipped to our climate controlled manufacturing facility to be made into a large variety of products.






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